Een dag bij Ark

A day at Ark

The prime focus of our work is to encourage independence, social/emotional
development and meaningful communication and interaction through the use of play and other activities. A typical day at Ark consists of the following:

  • Cognitive and motor-planning activities
  • Play and relationship-based activities
  • Sensory integration activities
  • Personal independence and daily-life skills practice
  • Supported group interactions and other social skills practice
  • Community experiences
  • Music, movement, art and other creative activities

We place high importance on our location within a thriving neighbourhood of Amsterdam. We are regular visitors to local shops, schools, parks, playgrounds and other public spaces. These activities develop the children’s mastery of their environment and also the community’s awareness of others with different needs.



“As soon as he realizes we’re on the way to Ark he starts to laugh,
he is so happy to be there.” (A parent)